Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Now, What Will Be The Media's Excuse?

Faith in Public Life is a new organization "founded by America's diverse faith leaders to strengthen faith movements sharing a call to pursue justice and the common good."

Their new web site has been in development for the last year, and it is a wonderful resource for people of faith working on social justice issues. Want to know who is in your area working on AIDS or homelessness or poverty or the war in Iraq? Click on "Mapping Faith." Need to find out who is blogging about faith issues from a progressive perspective or who might be a good speaker? This site can help you.

I am very pleased to be included in their new "Voicing Faith Media Bureau." The list includes such people as Sister Joan Chittister, Rev. Dr. Bob Edgar, Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf, Rev. Alexia Salvatierra, Rev. Dr. Susan Thistelthwaite, and other national religious leaders who are working for social justice. Reporters and producers will no longer be able to say that they just didn't know who to call when they want a mainstream or progressive religious point of view for a story. I'm honored to be listed and hopeful that this will help the media find progressive religious voices on sexual justice issues.

Check out their web site and let me know what you think.

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Niobium said...

It's well put together website, easy to follow. The Children of Abraham are well represented but faiths outside of his family are not. One wonders why.

Otherwise, I like the message, the issues the organization are taking on, and the blog. It's a great place.