Monday, June 11, 2007

LGBT Persons and Reproductive Justice

Bravo to RH Reality Check for front page coverage of the reproductive health and rights issues of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender persons.

And a big thank you for featuring an editorial by me on our new "Open Letter to Religious Leaders on Sexual and Gender Diversity."

I was very moved by several of the blog entries posted there, and I learned some things I didn't know about reproductive justice denied. Did you know, for example, that gay men are not allowed to donate to accredited sperm banks because the assumption is that they are HIV positive? (Wouldn't a simple HIV test for all male donors be a good idea?) Or, that assisted reproductive technologies are only covered by most health plans for married women, except that women in lesbian partners can only do that in one state in the country? Or that female to male transsexuals (FTM) still need annual pap tests and mammograms but may have no physician willing to do them?

Check out RH Reality Check this morning. I was glad I did.

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Stephanie said...

I like your editorial a lot.