Thursday, June 21, 2007

Not Very Bright, Not Very Nice

On L'il Bush on Comedy Central, the President is portrayed as a not very nice not very bright third grader (along with L'il Condi, L'il Cheney, and so on.)

One could say the program is a bit mean spirited.

But last night, I was so angry at the President's second veto of stem cell legislation that it seemed just right. The legislation was strongly supported by both Republicans and Democrats in both Houses who know how important this research is to millions of Americans and their families. His vote is simply pandering to the religious right base, rather than addressing the very real need and promise that exists for stem cell research of all kinds.

Comedy Central has it about right.

Call your Representative and Senators to urge them to override the veto.

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ZACL said...

This is a point that is under lively discussion in the UK though I think, from a different standpoint. The religious right groups are trying to muscle in on stem cell research with emotive and in many instances, incorrect information. On some of the government committees there are sincere multi faith ethical representatives and non-religious but ethically centred people who have presented rational discussion. Elements of research with provisos is going ahead.