Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day 7:21 a.m.

I loved everything about voting today.

My husband* and I walked to the elementary school that both of our children attended.

The line stretched around the building. It made me teary to walk all the way to the back. Really, I was happy to see a long line. They said on the news that they project that 90% of Connecticut's eligible voters will vote today.

I loved seeing neighbors and people from church in line. I loved the woman holding the newborn in the blanket. I loved the people who had brought their small children with them. I loved the woman behind me in line who makes and sells fudge. I didn't mind standing in line for 40 minutes.

I loved the lady who handed me the "I voted today" sticker when we finally entered the building.

I don't particularly like the new scan electronic cards. I miss pulling the lever. But, watching my card be pulled into the scanner still felt thrilling this morning.

I loved the lady selling baked goods for the PTA, and I even loved the somewhat stale brownie I bought there.

I am SO HAPPY today is finally here. I am grateful to be part of it.

May God bless America.

**My long term readers know that I have generally named my spouse as my partner, to not assert any heterosexual privilege. But I realized this a.m. as I wrote this, that because of the Connecticut Supreme Court decision granting marriage equality, gay and lesbian people in Connecticut can now use the terms husband and wife. So honey, at least in Connecticut, I can now once again call you my husband.

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