Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Prayer for Thanksgiving

I think that Thanksgiving should be a national religious holiday.
Now, not to alarm my colleagues at Americans United, I don't mean that we should all be encouraged to pray in the same way or indeed pray at all. But, it does seem like a true Universalist holiday -- that everyone of us can take the time to give thanks.
And no, my family doesn't look like this one, and I'm guessing yours might not as well. But, we will gather with three generations from at least four distinct faith traditions and eat too much food and take the time to share our thanks. And I will offer this blessing:
Spirit of life,
We are filled with thanks this day.
Thanks for the love we share.
Thanks for the work we do.
Thanks for our joys and comfort and support in our sorrows.
Thanks for the food we are to eat -- the people who grew it, the people who transported it, the people in the stores who sold it, and the people here who prepared it, and we pray for food for all who are hungry.
Thanks for the people who love us, even when we are not so loveable.
Thanks for the new hope in our land.
Thank you for this day, this time, these moments together.
Blessed be.
May your holiday be blessed with joy and thanks giving.


KarenE said...

A wonderful prayer. May I repost this? Thank you, and blessed be.

Debra W. Haffner said...

I'd be delighted, Karen. I'd appreciate if you'd include a link back to my blog. Thanks, and happy thanksgiving.

Rev. Debra

KarenE said...

Rev. Debra:

I just thought I'd let you know what I did with your prayer. I normally don't enjoy prays, esp. with the sort of prayers my family tends to dole out. I wanted to share this delightful prayer that everyone, including the children in the family, would be able to grasp.

My niece and I made a paper bag turkey. We made beautiful colored feathers. They were numbered on one side. I 'cut' your prayer into small phrases and each of us - 13 in all - took turns reading out a phrase.

Of course I forgot to take a picture, but the turkey still lives.

Blessed be.