Thursday, December 11, 2008

Newsweek: The Joy of Gay Marriage

In case you missed it, NEWSWEEK's cover story this week is on religious support for marriage equality.

Here's the online link:

The author talks about scriptural support for same sex relationships and debunks some of the conventional wisdom about "biblical marriage." She points out, for example, that biblical marriage was mostly polygamous in the Hebrew Bible and that Jesus and Paul don't hold up marriage as an ideal at all.

She doesn't say anything that I haven't written and spoken about often -- or that many theologians haven't said often either. But what's remarkable is that she said it in NEWSWEEK, one of the major national news magazines, and that almost every religious leader she quotes in the article is progressive on sexual and gender diversity.

Think about it -- this article would have been unimaginable even five years ago in a national magazine. And even today, we fight to make sure that progressive religious voices are heard in the media.

Now, not unexpectedly, religious right leaders are up in arms...check out the readers comments that accompany the article. And then, add your own, telling NEWSWEEK, bravo!

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Anonymous said...

It was hardly a piece of objective journalism. Lisa Miller speaks a lot about what she thinks the "religious right" says, but doesn't actually quote someone from the "religious right". I could go on about her shoddy use of biblical text, but you'll find plenty of commentary on the Internet.