Monday, December 15, 2008

Time to Celebrate -- 3000th Religious Leader Endorses

On Friday last week, the 3000th religious leader endorsed our "Religious Declaration on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing." She joined 2,999 other clergy, theologians, religious educators, and staff at faith-based organizations from more than 50 faith traditions and every state in the U.S. (plus 12 other countries) in calling for sexually healthy and just faith communities and a prophetic voice on sexual justice in the public square.

We are delighted to reach this milestone. We were also delighted last week to have a fellow blogger cite our ministry for leading the "religious left groundswell" for sexual justice.

Numerous other voices in the past week have joined our call in the blogosphere for progressive religious leaders to speak out for women's moral agency and full inclusion of LGBT persons, including marriage equality.

As I pointed out in a comment on Digby, those of us who support sexual justice need not compromise on these issues, because indeed our viewpoint has been adapted by mainstream America -- a majority of Americans support legal abortion, a majority support either marriage or civil unions for same-sex couples, and a majority elected a pro-choice, pro-sexuality education, pro-family planning President.

It's time for us to say we are the common ground.

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