Monday, January 19, 2009

Blessings for President Obama, Blessings for Us All

I am away in Mexico on vacation (plus doing a few workshops) at one of my favorite places on earth.

Tomorrow, a group of us will gather in a dining hall to watch the inauguration. On one hand, I am missing being in the center of it all, but also relieved to not be in the crowds in Washington.

I went to Jimmy Carter's swearing in and an inaugural ball. That may have to suffice for my bucket list.

But I am sure like your's, where ever you are, that part of your heart and surely all of our hopes are with the President-elect and his family this Martin Luther King's birthday holiday.

And I know many of you are joining me in prayer for President Obama, to be brilliant and compassionate and wise and to lead us into a better America and a better world.

And I know you know that this one man cannot do this alone -- but all of us must take responsibility for what we can do to bless the world.

Blessings for the new President, the Vice - President, their families.

God bless America.

America, bless God.

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