Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Justice is Rolling Down Like Waters

I loved almost every minute of it.

(You know what I didn't love...I'm not going to write about it.)

I was in a room full of crying men and women -- who rather than be on their holiday -- were sitting around a screen. I started to cry when I first saw the millions of people on the mall...I cried when the Obama girls and Mrs. Robinson first appeared...and it went on from there.

I LOVED his speech...I loved the poem...and God bless, Rev. Lowery for his INCLUSIVENESS of everyone of us.

And I did something I haven't done in forever...which is sing every last word of the National Anthem, the room holding hands, crying with hope and anticipation and forgiveness and wanting so so much to believe in the possibilities that we just saw.

My heart is overwhelmed.

Tell us how it was for you. ; )


Jim in Harlem said...

The speech was brilliant, but the images are beyond description. Check out the NEW White House web page on civil rights. It is stunning.

Anonymous said...

The emotion is just overwhelming..this is so unbelievable It's like this huge weight has been lifted...America is alive and well....God Bless America!