Friday, September 18, 2009

La Shana Tova -- My Prayer for Rosh Hashana

The Days of Awe begin with us tonight.

May the next ten days be days of reflection, introspection, and peace.

May we prepare ourselves for the changes in the year to come.

May it be a good year.

May it be a healthy year.

May it be a year of peace for all of us, all around the globe.

May it be a year of peace within ourselves.

May we live our lives with integrity, service, and love.

May we be blessed with the strength of this community, of our families, of our friends.

May we remember what it truly important in life and may we remember to be grateful every day.

May we all be inscribed another year in the Book of Life.

La Shanah Tovah!


Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering what makes you think you should bother with the Biblical Feasts, when you don't believe in or follow the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

How dare you be FOR abortion - have you forgotten THOU SHALT NOT MURDER?

It truly rankles me to see people like you proclaiming to speak for God while teaching completely opposite of what He said!


Unknown said...

Mr. Anonymous -
You definitely don't speak for all Jews(fortunately).
Most of us believe that women are equal to men, and control their own bodies. We also believe that those who practice other religions can interpret the teachings of their God anyway they want.
I assume that humans, hopefully, will evolve to the point where they don't need the crutch of religion to help guide their lives.
BTW, I thought spelling out the word "God" was against teachings and most fanatical Jews write it as G-d.
Most of us Jews do treat and look upon others as equals.