Monday, September 07, 2009

Listen To Your President

I just finished reading the President's remarks to America's school children tomorrow.

You can read them here:

His message: Work hard. Find something you love. Even young people facing the most difficult challenges can excel. Stay in school. Work hard. Make us all proud.

There are people who are objecting to this? Aren't these the messages that every parent wants for their children?

I don't get it. Unless of course, it's not about the message, but the man delivering them.

Have they forgotten he's the PRESIDENT? And that even ultraconservatives want their children to respect authority figures?

So, I'm email my son's school now and telling them I hope they'll share this message. And I hope you will call or email today or tomorrow am as well. And let's hope that most children will get to listen.

If not, you can always read it to them or watch online at dinner tomorrow night. It would be a good way to begin the school year.

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Andrew Suarez-Grigsby said...

You should treat everyone with respect/courtesy but I don't see why a citizen should be deferential to a politician since they should be considered public servants. While some critics of this were making up things to bash them, it's legitimate to be upset that children would be asked, as the Department of Education suggested, to "write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president." (Washington Times) That seems too much like endorsement rather than discussion.