Saturday, June 16, 2007

Welcome to Facebook Readers!

According to StatCounter, last week, I had hundreds of new readers, primarily from -- Welcome! I am delighted that younger readers are finding my blog on sexuality and religion, and I hope you will visit often and tell your friends. It would be great if you could add this blog to your own page, and I hope you will leave your comments and help me make the blog more interactive.

I am the mom of a teenager and a recent college graduate, so I, of course, knew about Facebook. But, what I didn't know was how great a way it was to interest new people in our work for sexual justice in faith communities and society. It's great to know that there are so many of you out there committed to these important issues.

If you'd like to find out more, visit our web site at and sign up to receive our free e-newsletter.

And come back to read more! Again, welcome and I look forward to getting to know you.


Boy in the Bands (Scott Wells) said...

Where's your Facebook page? I couldn't find it.

Debra W. Haffner said...

I don't have my own face book page (do they even let middle age women have facebook pages??) -- but rather our summer interns have posted information about my blog on their facebook pages.