Friday, August 31, 2007

Super O.K.

In several ways, from this adult's perspective, the movie lives up to its name.
The language is beyond coarse, the plot predictable, the overall image of teens and twenty somethings(not to say cops) alcohol sodden and depressing, and in far too many places, I was actually bored.

But, there was also something sweet about the best friendship of the two lead male characters, who unabashedly proclaim their love for each other in the end, and condoms were featured as expected behavior, a long way from last decade's American Pie.

This movie is a good wake up call to parents to not allow your teens to go to unchaperoned parties unless you don't care about their engaging in alcohol, drugs, or sex. It would provide a long series of teachable moments if you take your 13 - 16 year old and get them to promise you a half hour to talk about it afterwards. And yes, it is laugh aloud funny in places if you can put your adult discomfort aside. I'm guessing my Facebook readers will love it.

Frankly though after a week about thinking about Larry Craig and bathroom behavior, it was just a bit too much male bonding for me. I think I'm ready for a Labor Day weekend of estrogen and chick lit.


Anonymous said...

Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News (and author of the book "Crunchy Cons") had an interesting blog recently on teens and sexual purity.

Anonymous said...

Pam, I can't see the entire link you posted. Could you it?