Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yet, Another One....

That's Senator Larry Craig from Idaho; it's a picture from his web site.

Yesterday, Roll Call, the Congressional magazine, reported that back in June, the Senator was arrested for indecent behavior in a men's room at a Minnesota airport. (Why hasn't this been reported until now?) For those of you, like me, who may be unaware of the intricacies of such male bonding rituals, read the description of the incident at Roll Call. It's not for the squeamish; in fact, I'm surprised that the editors of staid Roll Call printed it. It was a bit too much sex education even for me at this early hour.

Once again, I'm left wondering, "What was he thinking?" And in what twin universe could this be moral behavior? And, how must his wife and children be feeling? And what kind of internalized self loathing and cultural homophobia drives someone in his position to take this kind of risk rather than seeking a mature, ethical sexual relationship with someone of the same sex?

And no surprise, when I looked up his voting record at HRC this morning, Senator Craig has voted for anti-gay measures, most recently in 2006 for the Federal Marriage Amendment. Maybe we can count on him now for YES votes on ENDA and Hate Crimes Legislation. He did resign yesterday as chairman of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign in Idaho.

In a world where sexual difference was affirmed as part of God's blessing, maybe, just maybe, these incidents wouldn't happen.


Robin Edgar said...

Since when is tapping your foot "indecent behaviour" and/or "disorderly conduct"? I really don't understand why you say that the description of what transpired at 'Roll Call' is not for the squeamish. Perhaps if things had gone further, and had been reported in lurid detail on 'Roll Call', it might have justified that statement but, as it is, all that happened is that Senator Larry Craig allegedly signalled interest in a homosexual encounter in a public washroom. Certainly there are moral and ethical as well as legal implications in this case but I am at a loss to see why anyone should feel "squeamish" about the content of the report, nor do I see how the content of the report would constitute "a bit too much sex education" for you of all people. Forgive me for saying so but you are coming across like your friend Bill Reilly here. ;-)

Bill Baar said...

Craig should resign from the Senate.

I did wonder what in the world he expected to accomplish in a stall. Maybe best I don't know.

The activists to do go both ways on this though.

Our local police were cracking down on semi-public gay sex in parked cars at our Forest Preserves and the activists sorts called that harrassement of gays by the police.

Bottom line is Craig should go.

Bill Baar said...

Chicago's Windy City Times in defense of Gay Cruising sites.

It's a column often linked by Social Conservatives here when the issue of police cracking down on cruising sites comes up.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on reverend Haffner, are you intimated by this little bit of knowledge about gay male sex? Don't you love the fact that republicans teach us about these things? I find the irony too delicious. Of course, I am a little bit disturbed that publicaly active sexuality educators like you, get squeamish just when we start talking about gay male sex. I have seen that before. Liberal allies can be fickle friends.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think the description in the article was "too much", just kind of humorous, given the context. I know cruising goes on in certain washrooms, and I figured there's got to be a system of communication. I do kind of love that Republicans keep getting themselves into these situations!

I've seen that linked Windy City Times piece before... the problem with public anonymous gay sex is the "public" part! It infringes on the rights of others. I live near Montrose Harbor, and I want to be able to take my young sons to the Magic Hedge, as there just isn't a lot of nature in Uptown. If we're raining on the parades of some who wish to monopolize the bird sanctuary for cruising, too bad. Activists who cry discrimination by the police need to grow up! I'm strongly in favor of gays' and lesbians' inclusion in all the legal rights straight folks enjoy, and I also have an appreciation for outdoor sex. There's just a time and a place for such things, and it isn't broad daylight at the Magic Hedge or anywhere else where people are unwillingly witnesses.

Tom Richie said...

I had never heard of this particular "foot tapping" behavior before. It brings to mind my son trying to explain to me about the significance of which ear a guy had his ear post in. I'm struggling for some perspective on this sort social signaling and I'm wondering if this detective was just in the right (or wrong, depending on your perspective) place at the right (or wrong) time?

I think the real question though, is, would Senator Craig be welcome in your church? Would you sit next to him? Hold his hand during the Lords prayer?

Anonymous said...

Wow. I agree with Robin.