Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

Happy New Year!

I love the illusion of new beginnings -- 365 days ahead in 2008 to fill with time with people I love, new ideas, opportunities to learn and stretch and serve. I filled half a journal the other day with my prayers, hopes, wishes, and resolutions for 2008.

Of course, I know that every day is a new beginning and a new chance to create our lives.

But, I hope that you take the time today (or tomorrow or soon) to think about the life you wish for in the next year and what are the steps that will help you create it.

I also wish for you a year of health for you and those you love -- and peace, in your hearts and in our world.

Happy New Year!


maymay said...

Ah, such arbitrary decisions as how to slice up the human experience into neat, manageable portions of time such as New Years always make me feel a little existentialist.

Nevertheless, the sentiment can be seen as a happy one, too.

Best wishes for a happy 2008 to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year... and speaking of arbitrary decisions... this year has 366 days for us! :-D