Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Last One...

A friend gave me a pin with those numbers as a holiday present. I've worn in on my coat lapel ever since, and it has been a wonderful conversation starter as I go about my errands. I've been asked if it's my birthday, the day I'm going to get married, even once if I was going to have a baby on that day. (The math is a little off here.)

And, when I reply that it is President Bush's last day in office, most people say some version of "Thank God." (Not all -- it has also led to some strong objections to the sentiment.)

I thought about that date alot last night as I listened to the President's final state of the union address. It was still thrilling to see Nancy Pelosi (in her fabulous purple suit!) be recognized as Madame Speaker, but it was even better to imagine a woman or an African American man giving next year's state of the union.

I'll leave it to others to comment on the rosy picture put on the war, the economy, no child left behind and others. The President, unlike past year's, did not mention either abortion or gay marriage. The possibilities of adult stem cell research brought loud applause, and the entire chamber rose when he called for a ban on human cloning. (But really -- is anyone advocating human cloning??) Any mention of supporting the troops brought sustained applause, but I couldn't help wonder why none of the uniformed servicepeople in the audience were women -- surely someone in the White House knows about gender diversity.

1-20-09 is less than a year away. I can't wait to celebrate.


Anonymous said...

I am so with you on the cloning thing -- it's a cheap applause line, because everyone can be safely against it. I saw it as a ploy to make the Dems feel that they had to stand up to make it look like Bush had the support of the whole room at least once.

The State of the Union hasn't been about the real, on the ground, actual people's lives State of the Union for. . . hmm. . . over thirty years now?

Rae said...

"Thank god" is right.

This is random, but I actually stumbled across your blog (I'm a blogger too) looking up information on religion, sexuality, and legislation/law. I'm a law student, and that is what I am writing my major writing requirement paper on (okay, it's a little more complicated then that...a lot of it is Christian perspective on laws based around sex/sexuality).

Anyway, I'll definitely be back, do you have a list of articles or books you've written? I haven't gone through all of your posts, but would very likely be interested in using your pieces for research if that is okay?

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

The "State of the Union" speech was absolutely devoid of inspiration, hope, optimism, or vision. It, however, did have its quota of partisanship, divisiveness, and lack of compassion.

But - come on - the color of the Speaker's suit!! My wife made the same comment. Makes me wonder if estrogen is an anecdote to perspective.

(What was the color of VP Cheney's tie?)