Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Iron My Shirts, redux

Well, it turns out that the protestors with the "Iron My Shirts" signs were put up to it by a radio show. See the back story here.

But, the true back story doesn't really explain why the media were so quick to pick it up -- which is that I think that sexism and racism are the 800 pound gorillas in the room this primary season, even though they are getting little thoughtful analysis. In the privacy of the voting booth (and not the very public caucus rooms) is America ready to vote for a woman or an African American for President? Have we indeed passed the time where race and sex are no longer an issue in the privacy of our souls?

The image that comes to mind is about t en years ago when for the first time I flew with a woman senior commercial pilot. When she came over the loudspeaker and welcomed us, I (yes, lifelong feminist me!) thought to myself, "I hope she's had enough training." I was used to my pilots being older white men with white hair. I was shocked by my sexist response.

I wore a t-shirt in the 1970's that read "Women belong in the house...and the Senate." The sign holders, whether pranksters or not, were probably still speaking for people who don't believe we belong in the Oval Office.

PS Just for the record, I don't ever remember "Iron My Shirts" as an anti-feminist slogan. Do you? And for the record, in my family, you buy permanent press, do your own, or send it to the dry cleaner.


Anonymous said...

Is anybody printing "Iron Your OWN Shirts" t-shirts? I think that might be the appropriate response....

Debra W. Haffner said...

You made me LOL, Pam. I guess we agree on ironing... ; )


Anonymous said...

Pam's response reminded me of something from the 70s when I was just a kid--remember the ring around the collar ads? My mom used to talk back to the TV--"why doesn't HE wash HIS neck?"

Anonymous said...

Debra - some issues transcend all possible other differences. ;)

It's fun to enjoy a chuckle with you!