Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Abstinence Pants

One of my regular readers sent me the photo. It seems that K-Mart is now selling a line of clothes produced by the abstinence-only program, "True Love Waits."

Here's how they are described:

"Whether she is lounging around the house, going to practice, or doing her chores. These soft athletic style crop pants will keep her comfy. Perfect for wearing with her favorite sweatshirt or tee. These athletic pants boldly proclaim just where she stands by pointing out that "True Love Waits" in a large screen print on the front and back of these pants."

In case you missed it, the list of features include:

Drawstring waist
Bold abstinence screen print
Elastic cuffs. Cotton/Polyester blend
Machine washable

Oh, and guess what -- they only come in women's sizes, not men's, because after all, as the program True Love Waits teaches, it's a girl who has to stop boy's urges.

I have to wonder if the parents who buy these for their teen daughters are also taking the time to talk with them on a about healthy sexual decision making, good communication skills, assertiveness, and setting sexual limits.

I also have to wonder what the folks at K-Mart who made this decision are thinking. Because in a world where the vast majority of parents want teens to know about abstinence and contraception and STD prevention (not either/or but both), I'm guessing they aren't also offering T-Shirts with Planned Parenthood slogans.

And for as much good as these pants are going to do, one of colleagues suggests that they better be available in maternity sizes as well.


Justine Urbikas said...


sounds like K-mart is in desperate need of a wake-up call.

goodwolve said...

Too bad they left off the chastity belt... that would have been so appropriate!

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that the print is also on the rear? O! The irony!

Anonymous said...

Cheesy comes from both ends of the spectrum:


Debra W. Haffner said...

Cassandra, nice to have you back! For the record, I was appalled by the portrayal of people who teach abstinence and the violence in the video. So much so, that I find it hard to believe that this is really from a Planned Parenthood affiliate. I have contacted the national office of PPFA and asked them to let me know if there is some kind of hoax involved. (For one, I can't believe a Planned Parenthood clinic would label its own material "propaganda.") If it is though, I promise you that I will raise my concerns about how they are portraying those who oppose them directly. I'll let you know what I find.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I've been around. Just haven't had time to add anything as I've got my hands full with my toddler!

I appreciate your concern. The fact of the matter is that people on both sides of the issue engage in activities which are hurtful and unproductive.

It appears the video was produced in 2005. Here's some more info: