Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Rest in peace, Dana Reeves

One of the challenges of being a new blogger is choosing what to write about. I could write today about the governor of South Dakota signing the law to make abortion illegal or the article in the New York Times about gay/straight marriages.

But, I've spent the day thinking about Dana Reeves untimely death at 44 last night. Dana and Christopher Reeves were members of my church, the Unitarian Church in Westport. My colleague and senior minister, Frank Hall, visited with Dana regularly this past year. She inspired us with her courage, her fortitude, her devotion to her husband after the accident. They both spoke eloquently about what finding Unitarian Universalism meant to them.

I only met her a few times but I feel myself grieving today. And I am reminded, again, that we should never ever envy those with celebrity or money or privilege; that life can change in the instant of a medical diagnosis or an accident; that this life is not a dress rehearsal and we must each live as well as we can each day; that we are called to love, really love each other. May today be such a day.

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