Friday, March 03, 2006

So what would God want in a new town?

My husband just forwarded me a news story from CNN. It seems that Domino Pizza's founder Thomas S. Monaghan is investing $250 million to build a town in Florida where there will be no birth control, no abortion providers, no sexual content on television, and no racy magazines in stores. He says that it is "God's will?"

They are building a megachurch in the center of the town with what is being said to be the world's largest crucifix. I wonder about their plans for schools, day care centers, health facilities, libraries, senior citizen centers, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters. Oh, they don't have them yet....

It's hard to take seriously that Mr. Monaghan thinks that God's will is about policing a town's sex lives...rather than taking care of the most vulnerable, most needy among us. Think what $250 million might provide in services to those in need.

Want to do something? Make a commitment to never buy Domino's again.

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Diana said...

Well, I for one will never buy Domino's Pizza again. I'm serious. I have a strong belief in making yourself heard by your actions. (This capitalist country pays attention when money is lost.)
If you didn't like what someone stands for, boycott it.

But what Mr. Monaghan is doing is wrong. He is building a town where he is censoring its residents and creating a specialized society according to his plan. This is UN-American, and a plan for disaster.

It doesn't sound like he thinks it's God's will. It sounds like he thinks he's God.