Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Three Quarters in Poll Support Adoption by Same Sex Couples

In my first career, I was trained as a public health professional, and so I know the difference between good research and convenience samples. I know that Internet polls don't really tell us anything, but which group is more organized about getting the word out to its constituency to vote.

Still, I felt heartened to vote and see the results in a USA Today poll this morning about adoption by same sex couples. 73% of the people who've taken the poll support such adoption, despite the numerous states that are trying to legislate bans against it. Now, I suppose it's possible that folks on the right just haven't heard about this poll, but isn't it more optimistic to think that the American public understands that "love makes a family" and that sexual orientation doesn't have anything to do with good parenting? If you want to weigh in, take a minute to answer the poll question!

I've just replaced my 10 year old car with a new car and I've been debating whether to put my favorite bumper sticker on it's pristine back bumper. It's from the Unitarian Universalist Association, and it says, "We are all family and We all have value." I think I have to!


Bree Sprankle said...

Despite overwhelming support from the public and empirical data from psychologists and sociologists, the government still feels as adoption by homosexuals is wrong.

I don't like to infer from limited data, but since the government wants to ignore public opinion and science, I am left with no choice but to guess what their motives are.

The government may feel that homosexuality can "rub off" on adopted children. If they have this view, then they are saying that homosexuality is wrong and not a good characteristic to pass along.

The government may also feel that homosexuals would make unfit parents for any of the cliched reasons (i.e., mental illness, unhealthy lifestyle, etc.).

Whatever their motives are for wanting to prohibit homosexuals from adopting children, there are undoubtably issues of ignorance and prejudice underlying their legislation.

Diana said...

I agree about the government being prejudice toward the rights of the GLBT community. We are human beings, and as such entitled to the same rights and freedoms as anyone else in this country. To deny gays, lesbians, bisexual, and transgendered "Americans" the right to adopt and marry is unconstitutional.

Allan said that the government has issues of ignorance and prejudice. He's correct. In my opinion the issue with the government, especially the present administration, is that they are forcing their religious beliefs and morality on everyone, whether it is wanted or not. This country is made up of all kinds of people, and with so many different backgrounds, races, and sexual orientations, there is no ONE religion for all. Therefore it is unfair and UNconstitutional to govern a nation and pass laws based on one faith.

If a couple wants to adopt, it shouldn't matter what ther sexual orientation. If they can supply a nurturing, loving home that teaches children to respect the rights of others, and to love regardless of labels, as well as the basics of upbringing, then why shouldn't they be able to share the same rights as anyone else.

I don't want to get into bashing, but the hetero couples aren't infallible. It's all up to the determination of the individual person, gay or not, to make the right choices in how to raise a child. It seems to me that if a same sex couple wants to adopt, they've already thought the idea through and have more than enough love to share considering the obstacles they've had to endure to be who they are in a society which is not very tolerant of those who are of different sexual orientation than themselves.

In their eyes the GBLT couples don't deserve the same as hetero couples, yet they take the tax money from the GLBT workers of this nation. Good enoughto pay taxes, but not good enough to share rights. It's about time this government started treating us ALL as equals, not just the ones who fall into their criteria of what THEY think a family should be. It took all kinds to create this country so ALL AMERICANS should be treated the same.