Thursday, August 10, 2006

Josh Blue -- a note of hope

I watched far more reality tv than you might imagine. Our rule for TV watching for our 13 year old son is that he can watch adult programs if he watches them with a parent and allows us "teachable moments" during the commercials to talk about our values about what we've seen.

He likes "Last Comic Standing", a show replete with teachable moments. Many of the comedian contestants did very adult, racy humor that frankly shocked even me at times. But one comedian never did, and last night he won.

His name is Josh Blue for those of you who aren't TV watchers. He is 27 and has cerebral palsy. He is wickedly funny and original, and incorporates his disability into his act. My son and I thought he would win the competion from the beginning of the season. I don't think he once told what he himself called a "genital joke."

I found his winning a hopeful sign about America growing up...growing up about people with disabilities and growing up that humor doesn't need to be about sex or body parts. Yes, we had a few teachable moments last night -- but we also laughed together.

PS This seemed like a good time to promote my sister's very funny blog about knitting. She can be read at If you knit or love a knitter, I think you'll enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

Josh Blue's performance was the first thing I think I have seen on reality TV that made me respect the genre.

Bravo to the young man at the start of his career.