Wednesday, August 02, 2006

NPR, Adolescents and the Media

NPR has been running a program all week on the media's influence on children and teenagers. I'm particularly interested in it because as I've told you before I'm writing my third parenting book this summer.

Children today have access to more media than ever before, although the actual number of hours they consume it hasn't increased dramatically. Many of today's parents grew up with one television in the family room that showed three to six channels; today's child and teen is likely to be in a home with more than three televisions, including one in their bedroom, which have dozens of channels, as well as computers, cell phones, video consoles, MP 3 players, video and dvd players, and so on.

I've learned in my talks to parents around the country that parents often feel out of control, and so I was delighted to be asked by NPR's Mark Silver to do an online Q&A about parents, their children, and the media. He did a great job -- it includes such topics as R rated movies, violent video games, and viewing sexual IM exchanges, including how to use my three part process to talk to your teen about oral sex. You can't get a much better pulpit that National Public Radio; I'm grateful for the opportunity.

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