Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Remembering Katrina

Before I became a minister and before I became a sexologist, I was studying for a job in public service. I majored in government in college and I was a Capitol Hill intern. My advocacy work for the past thirty years grew out of my belief that government can and does make a difference. I naively believed that in the time of a national crisis that the federal government would be there to protect us.

For me, that's the enduring legacy of Katrina. The federal government failed the people of Louisiana and Mississippi, and continues to fail too many of them today. My heart and prayers go out to those who were most directly affected, but this year's anniversary is a sobering reminder for all of us. It's also a reminder that the work there, the need there continues. I'm going to send another donation to our partner church in New Orleans today; I hope that if you are able you will send an additional donation to an organization helping rebuild after Katrina.

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