Thursday, August 16, 2007

Good News from Odd Places

As my regular readers know, I was on The O'Reilly Factor in early July, not without a little trepidation on my part.

A number of good things happened because of that appearance. After I got over the initial hate mail, I met a lot of people who support our work and ministry. The UU World contacted me about doing a feature on me. Several hundred new people are now reading my blog on a regular basis.

And She Source and the White House project invited me to be part of their expert panel, to promote women's voices to the media. I've been complaining about the scarcity of progressive women religious leaders on television and radio, and they've come forward to help the Religious Institute with this! Check out my new profile at and tell them if you have other names to suggest!


Stephanie said...

I thought you were great on O'Reilly! And I didn't know you went to Wes. I did too.

Lilylou said...

Wonderful news, Debra! Thanks for letting us know.